General Responsibilities: The Director of Faith Formation for Children and Youth plans, organizes, and implements a wide range of activities for children, from birth through high school, with special emphasis in the areas related to Christian education and children/youth ministry programming.

  • Recruits and trains adult volunteers and youth leadership.
  • Maintains regular office hours and availability to children, youth, and families of the church.
  • Works and serves alongside church staff, ministry teams, and work areas to help implement and foster the mission of the church.

Specific Responsibilities:
On an ongoing basis:

  1. Plan for, organize, and implement activities and faith formation programming for children and youth of the church.
  2. Review our church’s present ministry with children and youth and assess the faith formation and Christian Education needs.
  3. Develop and implement new ideas for children and youth ministry programming.
  4. Work with others involved in children and youth ministries to provide an inclusive and well-coordinated program and curriculum from nursery care through Presbyterian Youth Fellowship (PYF)
  5. Attend and participate in meetings of the Children and Youth Faith Formation (CYFF) Ministry Team
  6. Collaborate with the Adult Faith Formation Ministry team to provide parent education and support activities
  7. Attend and participate in weekly staff meetings
  8. Work with the CYFF Ministry Team to set goals, evaluate performance, and regularly report progress to session.
  9. Advocate for children and youth programming within the larger congregation and increase its visibility within the congregation.
  10. Participate in regular professional development and continued learning.
  11. Perform other duties as may be requested or required from time to time.
  12. Attend and participate in the regular worship, fellowship, and missional life of the church.

Position Requirements:

  1. Prior experience in leading children and youth activities, preferably church-related activities.
  2. A college degree in a related field such as teaching, counseling, social work, etc. is preferred.
  3. An ability to organize programs and activities and to activate responsibilities with a minimum of supervision and follow-up.
  4. Willingness and enthusiasm in working with others.
  5. Strong organizational skills
  6. Strong technological skills
  7. Openness to learn
  8. Must have or be willing to be trained in Safe Sanctuary (church safety for children and youth)
  9. Familiarity of the PC(USA) and appreciation for our reformed theological heritage

Personal Requirements:
High standards in attitude, outlook, and morals, with an awareness of the importance of example. Demonstrate Christian character and commitment in daily life, including articulating a personal faith journey.

Accountability: Administratively responsible to the Senior Pastor and Head of Staff.

If interested in applying for this position, please send resumes to cyffdirectorfpc@gmail.com or call the church office at 662.234.1757 for more information.