In anticipation of the ministry God is calling us to offer throughout 2020, members of the congregation have shared about the many ministries of this church that go Beyond Sunday Morning and what those ministries have meant to them.

On Sunday, October 13th, Dr. Greg Patton shared about the many missional ministries supported by FPC. He highlighted local ministries such as the Pantry, Love Packs and More than a Meal that care for our local neighbors in need. He reminded us about the good work done in response to natural disasters or the continued work being done in Bongnotte, Haiti. The entire church makes these missional ministries possible and it showed as members of the congregation were invited to stand in support of ministries they participated in.

On Sunday, October 20th, Catherine Servati shared about the many ways our church cares for our children and youth. She spoke about our congregation’s deep commitment to nurturing children of all ages as they come to know the fullness of their value in the eyes of God and trust that they are unconditionally loved and accepted. That commitment shows in moments of ministry like Vacation Bible School, Confirmation, and participating in Montreat Youth Conferences. It shows through continued ministries of our church like Sunday School, FPC’s Nursery, and Presbyterian Youth Fellowship. It goes Beyond Sunday Morning through each loving and supportive act of this congregation as each of us live into the baptismal vows we make each time someone is baptized into our church family.

On Sunday, October 27th, Elizabeth Owen shared about the many ways our church encourages adults to actively deepen their faith. She spoke about opportunities for fellowship and study through various bible studies, small groups, and PW circles. She shared about congregational events like the Mr. Roger’s Movie Night, Wonder Common Read, and the David Freeman Lecture Series that brought a diverse group of people together to talk about their faith in light of a 21st century world. All of these opportunities help each of us live out our faith beyond Sunday morning.

On Sunday, November 3rd, Julie Field reminded us about how our time, talents, and treasures help share Christ’s love Beyond Sunday Morning. She shared how important it is to be active in this community of faith, a community where we live out our spiritual calling by supporting and nurturing one another.  We do that by coming together in fellowship, prayer, and worship and by offering our time, talents, and treasures at the foot of God’s T, the cross.